Technology-based companies

Technology-based companies

With technology-based companies that need constant innovations, the source of funding is the key to their planning, and so are some regulations or laws that are intended to provide sufficient funding sources welcome.

NYSE has undergone intensive review to reform as there had been spyware of trade-exchange irregularities. Until 2001, shares were traded in eight and sixth fractions, ie 12.5 cents and 6.25 cents respectively, enabling a specialist to buy a stock to sell to make at least 12.5 cents. It has decreased to only one penny. This is as a result of decimalization; a rule that is set to change trade from fraction to decimal place. Similization reduces the spread. The largest specialist company LaBranche & Co. has been affected by a decrease in its market value, halved to $ 474 million in the past year. The impact of this regulation on LaBranches plans may be felt in the budget, as funds may not be available. It will also affect its investors.

Nevertheless, the effect of this decommissioning rule on NYSE seems to be able to tear the exchange from each other in the long run, affecting the many people that the rule is trying to eliminate are brokers and specialists on the floor. The effect on NYSE's plan is to start performing its 1.4b shares daily electronically. It is believed that if NYSE does not match its competitors like NASDAQ on automatic trading, investors can take their business elsewhere and it means a loss of large annual fees in revenues to NYSE and possibly lost from work.

Until recently, when it was announced on the TV a proposed credit regulation to improve transparency, the credit or loan market has been hired confident that most companies paid too much interest that affects their business. Although the big companies seem to benefit from the transparent credit regulation, that is, their profit, it costs largely small and medium-sized companies to the extent that the US government has introduced new types of regulations requiring banks to report their lending to SMEs ranked and published by the government as a guide for potential lenders. In addition, in the United States, reforms to reduce paperwork, accelerate loan approval and reduce costs have led to a number of commercial banks to create new departments specializing in the emergence and sales of small business consultants and other guaranteed loans. Currently, 60 percent of SMEs are now dependent on some form of bank credit.

In a world today with improved, challenging and competitive huge technological innovation and knowledge, new companies grow up in this sector due to their dynamics. There is also another sector that has a strong interest in research and development in cooperation. However, these technology-based companies or companies are unable to engage in their own research. Therefore, there are also many regulations most antitrust teams. Also known as the Sherman Act, this means to prevent monopoly. Microsoft was accused of using its position in the software market to maintain its operating system monopoly. It was also accused of using its operating system monopoly power to dominate the browser market and Microsoft tied its browser in its operating system to try to force Netscape out of the browser market. According to antitrust standards, a judge issued an extraordinary judgment describing Microsoft's dominance on the PC operating system market as a barrier to entry and by Microsoft significantly exceeding its competitive levels. The effects of this layer on Microsoft's plans are that consumers will now have more choices and Microsoft must come out with more innovations to attract more customers and maintain their position in the industry now when it appears to be a competitive market where all types of innovation can thrive. Regulators now appear more powerful and Microsoft has to rethink other related laws when they are scheduled. The impact on Microsoft's long-term plans will, in my opinion, be positive, leading to more improvements in the PC operating market.

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